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    The LGPC-Ⅱ type of Intelligent Protection Controller for PCP studied by Dongying Orientsun Electric Company Ltd., depends on active power signal as the basis to protect the PCP and the motor. The usual protection gauge used by the PCP is based on the current signal, but the current change is not very obvious under the failure state, so it cannot make accurate judgment of the PCP working state through current changes, and provide real-time protection. The controller is not to protect the ground motor but the downhole PCP, especially the submersible electric screw pump unit. The Intelligent Protection Controller can directly reflect the PCP’s working state by the active power’s changes. It has protective effects on overvoltage, under voltage, overload, under load, phase default, short circuit and three phase current unbalance as well as the condition of rod broken, pumping-off prevention and so forth. This equipment is the most advanced PCP protection device around the country. 
1. Prevent and judge the rod broken condition, and avoid the possibility of pump-off.
2. It has protective effects on overload, under load, over voltage, under voltage, phase default, short circuit and three-phase current unbalance etc. The controller is designed with corresponding indicated lights and fault display. The data will be displayed on the LCD screen when the unit shuts down caused by power failure. 
3. Parameters such as three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and history log can be indicated and set on the LCD screen.
4. Phase discrimination protection. The controller can not be started and indicates the wrong phase sequence on the LCD screen, when the power phase sequence is wrong connected.
5. The controller can measure power consumption of single well, store and indicate the total power consumption and that of the day before.
6. Equipped with USB interface, the data can be uploaded to the computer by USB flash drive and generate four curves of average voltage and three phase current.
7. The electric parameters of non-sinusoidal waveform can be accurately measured, and the signal frequency range is 20~70Hz.
8. Both Chinese and English interface are available.
9. The LCD display has self-heating function under low temperature.
10. The controller can be started and stopped by mask buttons or external buttons.
11. The operating time of under-load protection can be set according to user’s need.
12. *The digital/analog (D/A) output function is used to output the line voltage and three phase current signals.
13. *The analog/digital (A/D) input function is used to input three analog values of temperature, pressure and flow rate and has indicating and protecting functions.
14. *RS232 communication interfaces are available for remote control of PCP unit by using any one of three communication forms: radio, GSM message, GPRS etc.
 * Optional choice.

Technical Parameters:
1. Operating voltage: 85~240VAC (±10%)。
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption: <10W
2. Input signal:
Three phase current:0~5A, overload capacity 25A
Three phase voltage:0~100A, max.400V
3. Input analog signal:
Three phase current: 0~5A, overload capacity: 25A
Three phase voltage: 0~100V, Max. 400V(three-phase voltage type).
Single phase voltage: 0~100V; Max. 400V(single phase type).
Three phase analog signal: 4-20 MA, or switching value signal.
4. Measuring range:
Voltage ratio: 100~35000V/100V
Current ratio: 5~5000A/5A
Frequency: 20~70Hz
5. Measuring accuracy:
Voltage measuring accuracy: 1%
Current measuring accuracy: 1%
Power measuring accuracy: 1%
(Measuring accuracy is within 5A and 100V)

Operating Conditions:
1.Temperature range: -35 ºC~ 50 ºC.
2.Relative humidity: less than 90% (+25 ºC).
3.Protection level: IP 20.
4.No explosive and flammable materials, no gas damaging the insulation and metal, and no conducting dust around.
5. Altitude: less than 2000m.



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