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    QYRK series of soft start switchboard for electric submersible pump (ESP) unit, developed by Dongying Orientsun Electric Co. Ltd., with the functions of soft start and soft stop as well as the wireless communication, can not only protect ESP unit, prolong the operating life, also meet the remote control requirements for ESP unit.
1.Reduce the starting current. When soft starting, the starting current of unit is decreased from 5-6 times of full voltage to 2 times of that. The reduction of the starting current can protect the cable, extend its operating life, as well as lower the huge mechanical impact on unit in full voltage starting mode greatly, and then reduce the shaft broken failure due to the mechanical impact.
2.Eliminate the over-voltage. When soft stopping, the working voltage of motor is declined from rated value continuously, it can eliminate the damage to cable insulation due to 3 - 4 times over-voltage produced by full voltage stop. This function can protect aged motor cable and reduce the damage rate greatly.
The OSVC series of medium voltage VFD cabinet for ESP, studied by Dongying Orientsun Electric Company Ltd., have the feature of wide voltage range compared with the domestic similar products. When altering different specification motor, it can be used without changing the VFD cabinet. This product also has remote control function. Choosing our borehole pressure testing device can help to achieve closed-loop control for ESP.
Product Features
1.Main circuit adopts three-level topology structure, using low voltage power elements to achieve medium voltage inverter output, with high reliability.
2.Contrast to two level inverter, it develops the output voltage and current wave, and lowers the noise and vibration with RLC low-pass filter. It can be used even by usual motor without derating. 
3.With relatively small dv/dt.
4.Stabilize voltage automatically to side voltage fluctuation.
5.Compensate the starting voltage. If there’s long cable in output end, the consumed voltage in the cable can get optimal compensation.
6.The protection functions include short circuit, over current, overload, under load, over voltage, under voltage, phase default, over heating, outside failure, and PID circuit break and so on.
7.Include two modes: variable frequency and fix frequency.
8.Chinese interface, easy and clear.
9.With standard RS485 communication interface, it can realize remote starting and stopping device, setting and modifying parameters and monitoring all the parameters, operation state and recording related data.
10.* Choose borehole pressure testing device, control liquid level value in the setting range, and realize the closed-loop control.
Items marked * for user’s choice.
Technical Parameters
1.Input voltage: three phase 1140V±15%   2300V±5%;
2.Input frequency: (50/60) ±5%Hz;
3.Output voltage range: 0~1140V  0~2300V;
4. rated output current: 60A;
5.Output frequency range: 0~600Hz, can be set.
6. Resolution, digital setting:0.01Hz
7. Dimension:900mm(L) *1000mm(D) 2100mm(H)
8.Weight:about 560kg(2.3kV)
Operating Conditions
1. Altitude: ≦2000m;
2. Ambient temperature: -30℃~+50℃;
3. Maximal relative humidity: ≦90%RH, non-condensing;
4. No conductive and explosive dust, corrosive metal, gas that may damage the insulation or steams around.
5. Vibration frequency should be less than 5.9m/s (0.6G) for the fixed inverter.
6. Three phase voltage unbalance degree: negative sequence component is not more than 5% of the positive sequence component.
7. With power source harmonic component, the ratio of the root-mean-square value of the voltage and harmonic component is no more than 10%.
8.  Protection level: IP20 (It can be customized by user’s need.)


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