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    QYRK series of soft start switchboard for electric submersible pump (ESP) unit, developed by Dongying Orientsun Electric Co. Ltd., with the functions of soft start and soft stop as well as the wireless communication, can not only protect ESP unit, prolong the operating life, also meet the remote control requirements for ESP unit.

1.Reduce the starting current. When soft starting, the starting current of unit is decreased from 5-6 times of full voltage to 2 times of that. The reduction of the starting current can protect the cable, extend its operating life, as well as lower the huge mechanical impact on unit in full voltage starting mode greatly, and then reduce the shaft broken failure due to the mechanical impact.

2.Eliminate the over-voltage. When soft stopping, the working voltage of motor is declined from rated value continuously, it can eliminate the damage to cable insulation due to 3 - 4 times over-voltage produced by full voltage stop. This function can protect aged motor cable and reduce the damage rate greatly.

3.Reduce the unit damage due to the sudden power failure. With built-in surge arrester, the switchboard can reduce over voltage from the precious 3-4 times to 1.5 times around, which can reduce the unit damage greatly due to the over voltage produced by power failure.
4.By-pass installation. Switch to by-pass installation when soft starter broke down, which can insure the normal operation.
5.* Anti-reverse protector. The fluid discharging in tubing string may cause high-speed reversion of ESP as the check valve fails. If starting up at this time, the enormous impact resulted by high starting current of motor will damage the unit. The anti-reverse protector may refuse the motor startup and therefore effectively protect the ESP unit from damage.
6.Under-load delay auto-start function. The unit will soft stop if the under-load time exceeds the setting time. The soft starter will automatically soft start the motor if turn on the under-load delay auto-start function and delay to the setting time.
7.Developed functions of protection and ESP fault diagnosis of upper computer software. It functions to protect the overload, under-load, short circuit, default phase, three-phase current unbalance, the over-voltage and under-voltage. The controller is equipped with USB port, and the electrical parameters saved in the controller can be uploaded to computer with flash drive and generate four curves of average voltage and three-phase current. The upper computer software is attached with ESP fault diagnosis system to help managers analyze and judge ESP faults.
8.Power detection and single well electricity metering function. All parameters can be set on LED display. The readout parameters include three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and 175 events log, as well as accumulated electricity consumption and that of the day before.
9.Default phase and phase discrimination protecting functions. The ESP unit will refuse to start up and display on the screen when the phase sequence of power supply has default phase or wrong connection.
10.* Ground auto-alarm function. The switchboard will automatically send the alarm signal when the unit grounding.
11.* Online detection and display of the insulation resistance of ESP unit.
12.* Remote control function.
*Optional functions as requested by users.
In conclusion, the soft-start switchboard for ESP unit developed by our company can not only extend the operating life and pump checking period, but also save the comprehensive cost of the pump. Above advantages of the product is distinguished from the common ESP switchboard.



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