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    OSYCB series of low capacity hydraulic rodless pump (“small pump” for short), developed by Dongying Orientsun Electric Co., Ltd., are specially used in low and ultra-low permeability oil wells. The product has filled the blank of the field both in China and abroad.

Product Features
1. Optimal daily fluid production: 0.1-3m2. (Max. 8m2, customized as requested.)
2. Optimal pump setting depth (from wellhead to pump): within 600m. (Max. 1200m, or customized as requested.)
3. No ground pumping unit.
4. No sucker rod. No sucker rod means no eccentric wear problem appear during the operation, which can reduce production cost and some damages.
5. Apply to the deviated well and horizontal well;
6. Small diameter tubing. Adopting small diameter tubing saves material cost, shortens the time of liquid lifting up to ground as starting up, and decreases oil spills of tubing.
7. Low power motor and active power consumption.
8. Three control modes: fixed frequency, variable frequency and batch pumping. No safety problem for batch pumping.
*9. Remote control function.
*10. The market price and usage cost is lower than other pumping unit.
*11. Equipped with automatic controller for echometer system, it can control the liquid production precisely according to varies of the liquid level.

*Optional function.
Technical parameters:
1. Capacity: 1m3/d, 2m3/d, 3m3/d; 
2. Pump setting depth range (from wellhead to pump): 100-600m;600 -800m;800-1200m;
3. Operating voltage: three-phase 380VAC。
4. Motor power:0.55-1.5kW
5. Power supply:1.5-4kvA
Operating conditions:
1. Working condition of ground control installation:
a. Altitude: ≤2000m;
b. Ambient temperature: -35 ºC - +50 ºC (or as reqested);
c. Relative humidity: ≤ 95%;
d. Enclosure protection level: IP43;

2. Working condition of downhole pumping unit:
a. Medium temperature: ≤100℃。
b. Fluid viscosity at pump intake: ≤7mm2/s。
c. GLR at pump intake: ≤15%。
d. Fluid sediment concentration: ≤0.05%。
e. No corrosive gas and scaling. 


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