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GEOSTAR-111.ED Echometer-Dynamometer System Manual is a new type of oil well testing equipment. This equipment can be used in both oil well level testing and pumping unit dynamometer testing. It does not need acoustic bomb or nitrogen to measure liquid level, and the dynamometer diagram does not need to stop and unload load.

. Product Characteristics

1. No bullets are needed to measure the liquid level. The device only needs the operator to tap the exhaust valve with his hand and release the casing gas instantaneously, then the sound signal can be sent to the oil well liquid level, and the sound signal after return is received by the microphone. After signal processing, the liquid level depth can be displayed directly on the LCD of the handheld, and the sleeve pressure can be displayed directly. For oil wells without casing pressure, special air compression sound generator is equipped.

2. The dynamometer does not need to stop and unload the load. The device only needs to clamp the Polished rod sensor directly on the Polished rod of pumping unit. The Polished rod sensor can measure the micro-deformation of the Polished rod diameter and the corresponding acceleration. The shape variable of the Polished rod can be converted into the corresponding load value, and the acceleration can be converted into the corresponding displacement. The indicator diagram, the load value, the displacement, the stroke and other parameters can be obtained.

Ⅱ. Technical parameters
1. Measurement range of liquid level: 0-4000 meters.
2. Accuracy of liquid level measurement: <10 m/1000 m.
3. Measurement range of casing pressure: type I 0-10MPa, type Ⅱ 1-16MPa.
4. The measuring range of Polished rod diameter of dynamometer diagram is 0-38mm, which exceeds customizable.
5. Load measurement range of dynamometer diagram: 0-10 000 kg, precision ±1%, more than customizable.
6. Handset self-contained liquid crystal heating device.
7. Use four No.5 rechargeable batteries for power supply.
8. It is equipped with U-disk and can store 600 well test data.
9. Measurement data can be transferred to computer for storage, analysis and printing.
Ⅲ. explain
  Comparing with similar equipment in China, this equipment does not need acoustic bomb or nitrogen to measure liquid level, and the dynamometer diagram does not need to stop and unload load. It is not only very safe, convenient, fast and accurate, but also not restricted by bullet control. It has no danger of nitrogen cylinder high pressure vessel and no material cost in the testing process. Effective test depth is more than 4000 meters, and the test data repeatability is good. The computer analysis software has powerful functions, and it is very helpful to the analysis of liquid level in difficult wells.

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