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    The OSCYBP-I series of intelligent variable frequency drive (VFD) switchboards special for rod pumping unit, developed by Dongying Orientsun Electric Co., Ltd., not depending on Dynamometer system, Echometer system and flowmeter, just through the VFD itself to test motor energy consumption, and then using intelligent control algorithm to fulfill intelligent closed-loop control according to the borehole fluid supply conditions, and adjust the stroke frequency automatically. It has six advantages of production increasing, energy saving, improving single well managing level, lowering well management expenses, reducing labor intensity and extending operation life. The technology has got the national patent and fills in the blank of the field in China.
Product Features
1. Intelligent Continuous Pumping Control (ICPC)
When ICPC mode is selected, the VFD will adjust stroke frequency automatically according to the variety of oil well fluid supply. The VFD with self-study ability will automatically search the optimal stroke energy consumption to match the optimal pump filling rate by monitoring various stroke energy consumption of the motor. In the auto-searched mathematic model, the infection of every part of sucker rod pump unit to stroke energy consumption is considered in. The VFD tracks the real-time variety of stroke energy consumption, and then adjusts output frequency of VFD accordingly to achieve self-adjustment. With timing self-study ability, the VFD will keep supply-discharge coordination to suit various production phase.
2. Intelligent Batch Pumping Control(IBPC)
When IBPC mode is selected, the VFD will self-study the oil well condition, and adjust the production time/non-production time by well’s fluid supply. When pumping, the stroke frequency changes from high to low. The IBPC will implement fine administration of wells, and fluid production will be raised and the energy consumption will be reduced, in the meanwhile motor soft start and stroke frequency auto-adjustment are achieved.
3. Power Generating Restraining 
The VFD has unique DC side voltage stabilizing function to avoid the motor generating all the way. For pumping unit in the balance of 80%-110%, no braking device and feedback device are needed to run the inverter normally, and the electric efficiency is enhanced, and the negative effect of electric feedback on electric network is reduced.
4. Dynamic Balance 
By dynamic frequency control, the motor load can reach dynamic balance so as to reduce the motor peak current and power consumption.
5. Communication 
Reserving the serial port and opening the communication protocol can meet the requirements of Cluster Control and Digital Oilfield.
6. Hardware Structure  
Monitoring, control and frequency adjustment unit are integrated together, no other sensor, controller, braking unit and feedback unit are needed.
7. Auto Bypass 
If faults occurred, it will switch to bypass circuit automatically and can’t affect the normal production.
Based on site testing, for oil wells with gas, insufficient fluid supply, stable condition, and pump filling rate lower than 30%, pump efficiency can be raised to 50%~70% and well fluid production increased by 5%~35%, the average energy consumption will be reduced by 10%~50%.
Technical Parameters
1. Rated voltage: 3-phase 380V, AC 50Hz.
2. Rated power: 5.5KW~ 90KW.
3. Working frequency range: 10Hz~ 65Hz.
4. Suitable motor: three-phase asynchronous motor.
Operating condition
1. Altitude: ≤ 1000m. Larger power VFD can be chosen when it exceeds 1000m.
2. Temperature range: -40℃~+60℃. It needs to be customized when the temperature is not in the range.
3. Relative humidity: 20%~90% RH, non-condensing.
4. Protection level: IP23(for outdoors). It can also be customized according to user’s requirement.
5. No explosive or flammable around, no gas which will damage insulation or metal, no conductive dust.
6. Voltage fluctuation: ≤ ±10%.




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