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    The OSCWC-I series of Intelligent VFD Switchboard for Pump Cluster Well, are intelligent control equipment studied specially based on the low daily liquid production and intensive well location of northern shanxi area by Dongying Orientsun Electric Company Ltd. It can control several wells simultaneously with only one control cabinet. Through the function of self-study, it can learn the liquid production conditions of different wells, and then fulfill the intelligent control and remote control without any wellhead and borehole transducer. So far, this is the most advanced and economical control mode around the country.     

1. Installed with several converters within one control cabinet. Connected by DC bus, each converter can restrain power generating without braking parts or feedback units. It can not only save cost but improve the effect of electric-saving.  
2. According to the different liquid production, each well can choose the intelligent control modes of ICPC and IBPC.
3. Parameters can be adjusted intelligently through the intelligent pumping mode. Converters know well conditions by self-study, then search the optimal working frequency stroke, achieve the closed loop based on the well condition changes. It can assure supply-discharge coordination, production increase and electric saving.
4. Intelligent IBPC mode can achieve the intelligent control to intermittent pumping wells. Through self-study, the VFD knows the well conditions and obtains the stopping well parameters. It can adjust the stopping time based on the last pumping time, and assure the wells always in the optimal operating state.
5. Set with main power switch, anti-thunder equipment and heating parts in the cabinet.
6. With automatic reset function, it can restart the motor automatically after failure. Every circuit is set with bypass switch, contactor and thermal relay, when the VFD is broken, it can switch to the bypass automatically.
7. With Chinese LCD interface, it can communicate with several converters and monitor wells.    

Technical Parameters
1. rated voltage:380V 50Hz
2. motor power: 4Kw~22Kw

Operating Condition
1.Altitude: ≤2000m.
2.Temperature range: -35℃~+50℃.
3.Relative humidity: 20%~90%RH, no condensing.
4.Protection level: IP23.
5.No corrosive metal, noxious gas damaging the insulation and conductive dust around.
6.Grid voltage fluctuation: ≤±10%.


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